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Our Skelly Travis Heights Digs homeowners fell in love with the charm of this 1934 beauty in the heart of Austin’s historical district. Our clients were inspired to remodel with the goal of modernizing the design and dynamic of the home while respecting and integrating its period-specific nature. With the help and guidance of Clayton Korte Architectural firm, Skelly Build conducted a full exterior and interior remodel that helped bring our homeowner’s dream of a modernized historical home to life.

This renovation was somewhat of a “full gut,” aside from the prominent historic features that were integral to the new design of the home. The period specific features that were kept included:  arched doorways and plaster lath coved ceilings in the dining & living room, original wood windows, hardwood white oak floors, exposed brick in the back room, original carpentry craftsmanship (such as the fireplace and stairwell), and a closed floor plan. All of these features were fully restored but not gutted like the rest of the home.  

Skelly Build re-framed much of the home, re-supported all structural issues, installed all new HVAC, electrical and plumbing utilities, installed all new sheetrock and insulation, and completed the home with all new cabinetry, millwork, countertop, tile, paint and wallpaper finish outs.  The home received some more modern touches in the selection of  wallpaper, accent walls, concrete countertops in the kitchen and the integration of steel throughout the home on the fireplace, bookcase, and windows.


Some stand out operations of the remodel include a light-monitor structure that was added to the roof line (above the stairwell), which included 9 windows and flooded the previously dark area with light. Also, the arched brick pool patio was enclosed with steel window and door units. We added a hallway to transition the patio into the kitchen, expanding the size of the kitchen and providing much more natural light in the space. Lastly, we added a third level deck on the back patio to supply the homeowners with a lovely view of the neighborhood, lake and downtown skyline.


No creature was left behind in this remodel.  The final standout feature of this renovation is  the thoughtful inclusion of the homeowners two cats, Frank and Winston, in the design.  Our homeowners wanted to create a way for the cats to get from the main floor sitting area to the basement office below the house.  Humans have to use an outside door  to reach this office space, but cats can’t always do that!  So, Skelly Build cored out a cat tunnel through the floor from the main floor sitting area down  to the office area below the house.  In addition, we installed a cat ramp and shelves for the cats to get down to the office desk once they reach the room below.  Skelly Build also cleverly integrated another portal/cat tunnel into a food/water/litter box area that created a “cat suite” for all their basic needs but externally just looks like beautiful cabinetry. The martini cat wallpaper in the bar area gives yet another nod to our furry friends. These whimsical yet functional touches not only cater to the comfort of their pets but also showcase the dedication to creating a home that is uniquely tailored to the needs and joys of its owners.

The house is accompanied by a large pool on the south side of the property (original to the property!), which also underwent a large restoration process. The pool received a new sundeck, all new plaster, new equipment, and a large new black locust deck surround.

So much more can be said for this amazing remodel, but the best way to see it is to take a tour yourself! 

Take our YouTube tour of this remodel and learn about the history of this home!

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