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Jeremiah Program

Jeremiah Program is a national organization with a mission to disrupt the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children, two generations at a time. When a mother invests simultaneously in her personal and professional goals and the education of her children, she can re-author her family’s outcomes and act as a change agent within her community. We know this because we see the proof points every day in our classrooms and on our campuses.


In 2022, Skelly Build proudly

  • hosted Splash Day,
  • dropped off costumes, candy, treats for Halloween,
  • served food for Thanksgiving, and
  • provided gifts for Christmas.

We also helped raise money at the annual fundraiser in 2022.


In 2019, Skelly Build hosted the first Splash Day for Jeremiah Program. We also served food on Thanksgiving and provided gifts for Christmas.

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