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In our Crestview Eclectic renovation, our clients found themselves with a new construction home that, while well-designed, lacked the vibrancy and liveliness they desired. With their energetic and enthusiastic personalities, they craved a home that would reflect their zest for life.

Adella Design and Skelly Build collaborated to infuse the elements into the home that would better reflect our homeowner’s personalities.


The Entryway

The homeowner  wanted the entry of their home to exude an immediate burst of colorful, playful energy. Adella Design meticulously crafted an exquisite octopus mural, designed to be transferred onto wallpaper and adorn the walls of the entryway. Skelly Build carefully installed the wallpaper to perfectly fit the space, transforming the entry into a captivating work of art. This whimsical masterpiece, with its vivid colors and intricate details, served as the heart and soul of the space, evoking a sense of wonder and joy for anyone who enters. Complementing the octopus mural, a delightful hand-blown glass light fixture was thoughtfully chosen. Adella’s design harmoniously played off the vibrant imagery of the wallpaper, creating a delightful interplay of light and color that further enhanced the overall atmosphere. 

Additionally, a white oak bench adorned with a neon Merlion, originating from Singapore was custom crafted for the entry space.  However, after the installation of the custom white oak bench, the owner discovered two unexpected issues. Firstly, she realized that the height of the bench was not conducive to comfortable seating. Secondly, she regretted not including storage functionality in the design. These concerns arose despite the shop drawings being approved beforehand, as they only became apparent once the owner interacted with the bench in person. Removing the bench entirely, Skelly Build set out to make the necessary modifications. Our goal was to lower the bench height and incorporate storage without compromising the overall aesthetic. Lowering the bench presented a unique challenge, as it resulted in a noticeable gap in the pre-cut and installed slat wall. To address this, we devised a clever solution—a new “seat back” for the bench. This innovative addition seamlessly filled the space left by the missing slats, creating a harmonious and intentional design. Additionally, we worked diligently to integrate storage functionality into the bench. With careful craftsmanship, we designed a lift-up top that revealed a concealed storage compartment. Overall, the solutions we implemented successfully transformed the bench into both a beautiful and functional element of the space. The owner’s initial concerns were effectively resolved, and the modifications seamlessly integrated into the overall design, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and purposeful addition to the home.


Again, in this new construction home, the bones of the kitchen were good, but the space was lacking the vivacious personality that our homeowners were desiring.  Adella Design introduced a phenomenal focal point of this kitchen: Moroccan Mosaic 8 x 8 “ wall tile along two walls of this kitchen. The installation of this tile immediately draws the eyes up and adds such interest and personality to the space. A black honed quartz hood and countertops and a white honed quartz countertop on the island provide a clean, durable surfaces for lots of cooking in this kitchen. Fresh paint and new appliances and hardware finished off this partial kitchen remodel!

Primary Bedroom

In the primary bedroom, our homeowners wanted a focal feature that would both create visual interest and lighten up the space even more. Our Skelly Build painters met this desire by painting the wall first with limewash paint by Portola, and then running a custom lighting feature through it for visual impact.  We just love how all the simple touches in this renovation change the entire look and feel of this new construction home.

What can Skelly Build do with your blank house template?  Check our other renovation projects for more inspo or Contact Us to get started talking about your renovation!