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Many people’s morning routine involves navigating around shampoo bottles perched precariously on the tub ledge, body wash and conditioner piled in a corner, or the rusted caddy hanging from the shower head. This lack of functionality can get annoying, and it’s ugly too. However, when you’re renovating your bathroom, sometimes it’s easy to let this predicament slip your mind!

When meeting with a client about a bathroom renovation, I always suggest incorporating a shower niche into their shower walls. These babies can really be lifesavers, both for functionality and cleanliness. But what are shower niches and what do they do?

A niche is a common term for a storage space that is built into the wall. In the shower it’s used for storing soap, shampoo bottles, and other essentials. However, niches can be built in other areas of the bathroom or even the kitchen too.

Types of Niches:

There are two commonly used niches – custom and pre-fabricated.

A custom niche is built from scratch by constructing a framed box within the wall and then usually tiling it out. A pre-fabricated niche is pre-made and does not require any of the construction materials for building a custom niche. At Skelly Build, we have multiple experiences installing both!

Niches also offer aesthetic advantages to your design as well. For example, you can use decorative tiles inside the niche and match them to other accent details in the bathroom. Many of our projects have included color combinations and even mix and match finishes and textures in all sorts of eye-catching ways.

When redesigning your bathroom, the extra storage that a niche affords you is an amenity that you’ll quickly grow to love! If you share your bathroom, or space is at a premium, a shower niche is an excellent option that will improve your time in the bathroom, keep your shower looking neat and clutter-free, and can function as an interesting design element in your bathroom design. If you share a shower with a spouse or partner, you could even have custom niches made to suit each persons needs. At Skelly Build, we specialize in installing showers niches and are happy to make your dream bathroom come true!

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