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Nestled atop a prestigious luxury condominium in the heart of Austin, the penthouse commands unparalleled views of our amazing Austin cityscape. With such breathtaking views available right outside the window, our Skelly Panoramic Penthouse residents set out to enhance their living experience and maximize their use of the space. To embark on this journey, they turned to the expertise of Benjamin Johnston design and Skelly Build, both known for their ability to elevate spaces to new heights of refinement and functionality.


A primary objective of the renovation was to reorient the kitchen layout to fully capitalize on the sweeping 360-degree vistas of Austin. Initially, the kitchen island positioned occupants with their backs away from the windows, while an obstructive pantry hindered the panoramic view.  In the new plans, the kitchen was reoriented to maximize the view and to create more functional storage space, while working with the existing columns and curved walls of the penthouse. 



First, the existing kitchen underwent a thorough demolition, removing all framing, insulation, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing to accommodate the new layout. Following this, a comprehensive installation process ensued, incorporating new cabinetry, paneled appliances, polished Cristallo countertops, a stunning backsplash, and a stone-clad vent hood to realize the vision for the revamped kitchen. Moreover, a redesigned pantry, maximizing practicality and functionality, was carefully framed and constructed.

Every renovation presents its share of challenges, demanding innovative solutions. Yet, the transformation of this panoramic penthouse posed an exceptional obstacle for our team to overcome. The sheer size of the countertop slab posed a logistical dilemma, as it proved too large to fit inside the service elevator. Our crew did not want to cut it down to a smaller size, which would create more seams in the countertop installation and impact the appearance of a continuous, smooth surface.  Our Skelly team put their heads together to brainstorm a creative solution.  

How could we transport an enormous countertop slab to the top of this very tall skyscraper if it didn’t fit in the elevator? The solution: our team took a midnight ride strapped on TOP of the elevator and up the elevator shaft in order to reach our intended destination all in one piece! 

Read more about our elevator shaft adventure here! 

With the kitchen reorientation complete, occupants can now savor the breathtaking views while seated at the island. Furthermore, the addition of a cozy breakfast sitting area offers a serene spot to savor the view out of  the windows.



With the kitchen’s reorientation, adjustments were needed in the foyer, necessitating additional framing and drywall to align with the new layout. To enhance the foyer’s ambiance, we meticulously crafted and installed stain-grade wall paneling. Furthermore, the transition into the office space was embellished with the addition of grand double doors from the vestibule. New paint and trim work was required throughout all newly constructed areas. Finally, new Tele di Marmo 24 x 48 stone flooring tiles completed the look in this space!


The central feature of the entire living area is the newly installed wood-paneled wall, adorned with elegant floating shelves and a striking stone fireplace. We meticulously installed Crystallo Fume polished stone vertically on the fireplace feature and Anthracite Black Lava Honed stone to create the base housing the Modern Flames fireplace we installed. These beautiful slabs, expertly positioned, contrast with the rich wood tones of the paneling, creating an inviting space for all to come and gather.


In the guest bathroom, we expertly installed various sizes of Onyx & More White Glossy Tiles on the floor, walls, and shower surfaces. These tiles were precisely chosen to add depth and visual appeal to the space. The light and bright tiles, complemented by the illumination from the lighted electric mirror, create a captivating atmosphere. This brightness contrasts boldly with the matte black hardware fixtures that we installed throughout the bathroom, enhancing the overall aesthetic.



In the primary bedroom, we crafted and installed wall paneling around a custom-made headboard, which boasts an LED lighting surround with customizable settings.

In the primary bathroom, we began by removing an existing linen storage unit at the vanity. Following this, we installed new countertops, mirrors, and sconces to enhance functionality and aesthetics. However, the most significant transformation occurred with the installation of 6 x 12 Asian Statuary Honed Tile on the backsplash and walls, extending all the way up to the ceiling. This change dramatically revitalized the space, giving it a fresh and modern look.


After removing the drywall in the office space and rewired for electrical locations, we installed fresh drywall and carefully finished it to achieve a Level 5 smoothness before proceeding with wallpaper installation. Next, we custom-built and installed storage units, featuring lower cabinetry with drawers and floor-to-ceiling storage on the right side. Custom building and staining a wooden desk with sleek steel legs and a precisely sized wooden top added a touch of craftsmanship to the area. However, the standout feature of the office is undoubtedly the office niche. Here, we fabricated, transported (via the elevator shaft!), and installed a backlit Patagonia stone wall, serving as the perfect visual focal point for this distinctive space.


Among the many distinctive features and spaces in this panoramic penthouse (explore more of the renovation here!), one standout element warrants special attention before we conclude: the exceptional lighting that graces every corner of the space. From the stunning fully backlit powder bathroom to the singular Circa Lighting fixtures adorning the bedrooms, this condominium boasts an array of captivating lighting fixtures that collectively elevate the style and sophistication of the entire space.

We fully enjoyed spending several months renovating this Austin penthouse and hope that you have enjoyed admiring the final result with us. Perhaps we don’t all get to live in a penthouse overlooking Austin, Texas, but at least we all can enjoy a sneak peek into one! 

Does this panoramic penthouse ignite ideas and inspiration for revitalizing your own space? Our skilled team at Skelly is poised and ready to help you envision the endless possibilities! Contact us today to embark on your renovation journey and breathe new life into your home!