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What requires a team of 17 people, 50 tacos, 4 orders of churros, a gallon of coffee, and working until 1:30 am in the morning?

Moving over 2,500 lbs of countertops from street level to the 53rd floor of a downtown Austin high rise, that’s what!

Just how do you get a massive Patagonia 3cm 124.8″ X 72.05″ Slab for the bathroom and another massive Cristallo, polished 3cm 118″ X 79″ slab for the kitchen up a high rise elevator to the 53rd floor?

Read on to see how we accomplished this amazing task…

So what will the final kitchen slab/project look like when it is finished?  Below is the envisioned rendering, but stay tuned to blogs and social media to find out!

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