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Our visionary owner of Arco had a brilliantly simple idea: transform this empty commercial space into a haven tailored for brides-to-be. No longer will they need to shuttle between different salons for hair, nails, and makeup. Here, everything essential for that picture-perfect wedding day look will be conveniently located under one roof. From a luxurious blowout bar to meticulously crafted mani/pedi stations and beyond, every detail is designed to make her special day truly unforgettable.

We kicked off the project by meticulously setting up the plumbing and electrical systems, followed by the installation of a HVAC system. With the groundwork laid, we delved into framing out the space, crafting intricate details like an inviting arched hallway, cozy nooks for shampoo centers, sleek stainless steel pedicure sinks and stations, a welcoming reception desk, and an elegant styling bar.

We’ve reached an exciting milestone as we’ve just completed the process of hanging, taping, and floating the drywall, achieving a flawless level 5 finish. With this crucial step behind us, we’re now entering the transformative painting phase.

Anticipated to conclude within the next 5-6 weeks, this project is on track to set a new standard for luxury and convenience in the salon industry, offering a comprehensive one-stop beauty destination to get ready for any big occasion.

Keep an eye out for updates as we unveil our carefully curated finish selections and the stunning final product!

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