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Congratulations to Diana and Sean for leading Skelly Build to its 41st-place ranking on the Longhorn 100, which recognizes the fastest-growing Longhorn-led businesses in the world!

We’re immensely proud of Skelly Build’s growth and achievements throughout the years. But how did we reach this milestone? Let’s rewind and explore our inception.

Diana graduated from the University of Texas with a BS in Public Relations in 2012, while Sean pursued a BBA from the same institution, later obtaining a Masters of Public Accounting, graduating in 2011.

Post-graduation, Sean dove into real estate, working for UrbanSpace in downtown Austin, while Diana kickstarted her career in event planning at a consulting firm. Despite enjoying event planning, Diana found the demanding hours (60-80 per week) challenging to balance with her personal life. She then transitioned to marketing at a home title company, craving a role that offered both challenge and work-life balance. With a burgeoning interest in construction, Diana later approached a woman-owned construction company, eventually joining them and wearing multiple hats over three years, from marketing to sales to estimating.

In 2015, Sean and Diana tied the knot, with their marriage story intertwining real estate and renovation from the outset. They closed on their first condo just three days after exchanging vows, embarking on a renovation journey captured by HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation. This whirlwind experience illuminated the importance of communication and collaboration in their relationship.

Watch our condo reno on HGTV (S9, E9) ! 

By 2017, Diana, drawing from her diverse work experiences, identified gaps in the construction industry, particularly the need for a company prioritizing quality and transparent communication. With the guidance of a business coach, she laid the groundwork for Skelly Build, focusing on robust accounting systems, lead generation, and sustainable growth.

In 2018, Skelly Build welcomed its first employees and established its COO position, filled by Sean. What began with kitchen table meetings in their condo evolved into a bustling office space on S. Congress Avenue by mid-2018.


The subsequent years saw Skelly Build refining its internal processes, enhancing client relationships, and weathering the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Despite the hurdles, the team expanded, and new partnerships flourished.

The period from 2021 to 2022 marked significant growth for Skelly Build, expanding its service area and its sizes and types of residential renovations. In this growth period, Skelly Build also developed a rebranding initiative to align its marketing with its brand identity.

Finally, in 2023-2024, Skelly Build proudly launched and expanded its commercial division, extending its expertise beyond homes and condominiums to encompass restaurants, office spaces, salons, and more.

Through dedication, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, Sean, Diana, and the Skelly Build team have earned their place among Austin’s top Longhorn-led businesses, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship and quality craftsmanship.

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