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When you work with Skelly Build, you get to benefit from each of our focused, specialized teams.

Today, meet our Materials Team!

Our materials team is here to assist you throughout your entire material selection process, ensuring that both your budget and timeline remain on track. With their expertise, you’ll receive valuable guidance on choosing materials that align with your project’s timeline and financial considerations.

So what exactly do our Material Managers pay attention to throughout your construction process? Let’s take a look!

Our Materials Managers…

1. Discuss materials with our Project Managers and trades to ensure they work with existing and new plans.

This ensures that any adjustments or change orders are properly integrated into our construction process.

2. Take on-site measurements to ensure correct quantities and overages are ordered.

3. Ensure all materials are on-site when needed or notify our project managers of any supply chain or ordering

issues in advance.

As a homeowner, you will always be in the loop on the status of your materials!

4. Put together orders & order materials. A quote or receipt will be attached in your orders or change orders.

5. Track delivery, arrange pick up or be on-site for delivery.  We track your materials so you don’t have to!

6. Inventory order upon delivery. Ensure the order is correct and that nothing was

broken/damaged during transportation.  

7. Return broken items or items that are no longer needed.

8. Communicate with owner regarding timelines and deadlines for material orders.

9. Complete, maintain and update a materials spreadsheet.


Do you have a question about materials for an upcoming project?  Contact our materials team today!