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How does color impact the mood of a room? Experimenting with a bright paint color is a great way to bring a sense of drama and glamour to a room, but choosing the right color can be a tricky process. For this renovation project Urbanspace Interiors designed three guest suites in downtown Austin. Urbanspace Interiors was responsible for all of the color and material selections, and we executed the construction and renovation services. Although the rooms received similar renovations, all the completed rooms developed their own flare, which was largely impacted by the color choice by the design team.

The rubber baseboard along the perimeter of the suites was removed and hauled off and was then replaced with updated baseboards. Paneling was installed behind the headboards with a schluter cap and wallpaper was hung above this.

Although we installed the same type wallpaper in each room, the wallpaper and other color choices were styled in a monochromatic scheme of red/pink, blue/green and yellow. The construction was the same in each room, but each color choice contributed something special to the design and was a bold direction that impacted the feel and tone of the room.

In the study nook a desk was installed and all throughout the spaces the paint color stopped around 42 inches. Which area draws you in the most and makes you want to be productive?

For the bathroom, which was also painted per each room design, we installed a new pendant light that aligned with the mirror. Urbanspace provided the hanging light fixture for the three bathrooms.

What do you think?  Which guest suite would you prefer to stay in?  Which color & mood fits your style the best? Sound off in the comments below!