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As cute as they sound, pocket doors can be one of the most useful, space saving elements when renovating your home. A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears, when fully open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall. They’re there when you need privacy and gone when you don’t. We have installed many pocket doors throughout many of our projects here at Skelly Home. They have saved a lot of space for homeowners and helped them be much more practical in the conservation of space. Can you find the pocket door in each of the images below?

What are the benefits of having a pocket door in my home?

In a bedroom or living room, a swinging door may slam into nearby furniture and make it difficult to open the door fully.  In a closet, the swing of a door can mean fewer shelves and less hanging space inside. In these instances, a pocket door can be the best option. Did you know…installing a pocket door rather than a hinged door can add an average of ten square feet of floor space!

When you have a pocket door installed, you no longer have to worry about keeping a door closed or losing space with an open doorway. Also, some spaces like a closet only require privacy sometimes. When privacy is not needed, the pocket door can remain open and create a much more spacious feel to the room.

This type of door doesn’t just save space—it can also solve problems, particularly in tight spots. For example, a pocket door might be used in a small half-bath or powder room that simply doesn’t have enough space for a door to swing in or out. Therefore, the use of a pocket door could eliminate the need for stealing space from a nearby closet or similar area. This is a big payoff!

So what do you think?  Do you love pocket doors?  If you have a pocket door in your home, what do you like/dislike about it? Let us know in the comments below!