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You love your pet and at Skelly Home we are animal lovers as well! But…. you also love your floors and it’s time to replace them. From scratches, stains, hair, our furry companions can be quite problematic on our floors.

But don’t fret, we have good news! Even with a scratchy, furry, accident-prone pet at home, it can still be possible to have beautiful floors. You just need to select the right type of floor for your home!

Before we begin, I would like to mention that there are no hard and fast rules on the best flooring for your four-legged friend, only suggestions. If you have been dreaming about one type of flooring, don’t let having a pet stop you!  However, some choices require less maintenance and increased durability, even with a pet in the home. Let’s take at look at some options and some of the pros and cons.



  • Durable: Tile flooring can endure the toughest of playdates, chase, and a game of tug of war. Tile will last a lifetime of belly rubs and wet noses.

  • Look alike: Wood look tile is exactly what it sounds like. It is either a ceramic or porcelain tile that has been imprinted with an image of wood. This means you can live your hardwood dreams and have the endurance and toughness of tile!

  • Scratch-resistant: Some dog breeds tend to have long sharp nails that can easily damage the floor, especially when the dog is playing. Having tile in your home reduces the likelihood.

  • Easy to clean: Dust, dirt, and pet hair sits on the top for easy removal, instead of getting matted into carpet or falling into cracks.


  • Loud: Some of us would wonder, “Is this really a con?” What’s a better feeling than hearing your fur baby run to you after a long day of work? With tile, be prepared to hear the pitter-patter of your pet throughout your home and other amplified noises in your home.

  • Uncomfortable: Cats won’t mind it too much, because they can always find a soft chair or bed to curl up on, but dogs might find a tile floor pretty hard and uncomfortable. For older dogs especially, the hardness of the floor is hard on their bones, making it difficult for them to get off the floor. However, some dogs enjoy how cool a tile floor can feel in the summer!

  • Temperature: Unless you have underfloor heat, tile is not naturally insulated making it a very cold surface for your pet. This may be a factor to consider in environments that have longer winters, etc. Be sure to get plenty of rugs/ pillows put down in strategic places for your fur babies to relax on.

“Wood look” tile



  • Comfortable, pet-friendly, flooring: Cork is naturally impact-resistant. Because of its anti-slip properties, animals do not have to use their claws to move about. It makes for a good relaxing floor.

  • Sound absorbing: If you love your pet but are not a fan of the sound of their paws scratching noisily through your house, cork is a good option.

  • Stylish appearance: Cork flooring has the appearance of hardwood flooring without the cost. Choosing a lighter shade of cork will help hide scratches as long as you finish it off with a tough finishing product.


  • Cork is a softer material and therefore more sensitive to scratches. Like mentioned before, if you choose a lighter color it will hide the scratches. That being said, this does not guarantee completely scratch-free floors.

  • Water-resistant NOT waterproof: If you’re potty training your fur babies, make sure to clean up any spills immediately to protect your floors from any staining and warping.

  • Not weight resistant: Cork can have permanent indentations. If you have very heavy appliances or furniture pieces, then you may have a problem with them sinking permanently down into the cork. This can also apply to your pet’s frequent napping spot!

Cork Flooring



  • Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is a regenerating grass so it grows much faster than hardwood trees, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly! So you can rest easy knowing you saved a tree!

  • Harder than hardwoods: Just because it’s a species of grass does not mean it isn’t a great hardwood substitute. Some types of bamboo are more durable than hardwood. Strand-woven bamboo is actually harder than oak wood!

  • Hypo-allergenic: Bamboo offers the benefits of not providing a cozy home for dust mites or pet dander that could aggravate your allergies. When it’s shedding season, your floor will be the least of your worries, and your allergies will thank you!


  • Price: Inexpensive bamboo flooring is susceptible to scratches and dings. If you want guaranteed flooring that will withstand your pet, you’re going to have to be okay with spending more on flooring.

  • Water damage: Since it is a plant, bamboo grass readily absorbs water and is prone to damage from water and excessive humidity. If your fur baby is known for uncontrollable accidents, bamboo is probably not the best way to go.

  • Slip issues: Slippery floors are unstable and dangerous, a formula for disaster. If not polished or cleaned correctly, bamboo flooring will become a slip issue for your pet.

Bamboo floors

Engineered Hardwood


  • Looks like hardwood: We bet you notice how hardwood was not on this list. Although it is dreamy, hardwood isn’t the ideal option for your pups and kitties. Engineered hardwood gives the same look as regular hardwood, but it last much longer.

  • Durable: Installing engineered hardwood will not only be a great investment for your pet but for the future value of your home. These floors, in great condition, will add monetary value to your home, in case you and your four-legged friend find an even bigger yard to play in!

  • Insulated: The average thickness of engineered flooring is ¾ inches, making it an ideal flooring for paws. The surface of engineered wood flooring will feel relatively warm because of its thickness, keeping your pooches warm during the winter!


  • Multiple refinishing: In case your pet does scratch through the finish, you will have to prepare to refinish the floors a couple of times.

  • Price: Engineered hardwoods can still be expensive. Expect to pay nearly as much for engineered wood flooring as for solid hardwood.

  • Not moisture resistant: While often advertised as a more moisture-friendly alternative to solid hardwood, it still is an organic product, which makes it a less favorable product to use in wet areas such as feeding and water stations.

Engineered hardwood



  • Chameleon: Laminate can be made to look like nearly anything, but most often it is made to look like wood. No matter what your design needs are, there’s more than likely a laminate product to match.

  • Cost-Effective:  This type of flooring is relatively less expensive than most flooring options available in the market and doesn’t fall short when it comes to form and function.  With all the money you save, you can buy your fur baby a new toy to enjoy on your beautiful floors.

  • Layered: Laminate floors are divided into layers. The top layer, or wear layer, is designed to prevent damage and is followed by a plastic layer and the design layer. The upper layers protect the lower layers from scratches, and many will hold up well against your four-legged friends’ claws.

  • Cleaning is a breeze: You don’t have to worry about your pet’s hair getting trapped in corners. With a simple sweeping, your room will be instantly restored.

  • Odor-free: Laminate flooring also does not hold any odors and is safe for the whole family due to its hypo-allergenic properties. If your fur baby has an accident, rest assured it will not leave any smells behind!


  • Warping: Laminate can warp when it gets wet. Try to get your hands on one of the waterproof laminate options if you decide to go in the laminate direction.

  • Slippery: Laminate floors (especially when a little wet) can be troublesome, especially for pets who may be prone to hip injuries.

  • Not all laminate floors are created equally: The best/worst part about laminate is that there are endless types and finishes. If you are interested in installing laminate in your home, you must do a lot of research to find the perfect product/cost/quality to match the design and function needs of your home.

Laminate Flooring

Knowing the pros and cons and doing your homework up front can save you the hassle later of a costly floor replacement to accommodate your furry friends.