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One of the best ways to breathe new life into a home is to renovate your bathroom. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home because of how much time and intentionality you spend there getting ready for your day, for a big event, or for going to bed. You want your bathroom to have an ambiance that fits your personality, outlook and style. When considering a makeover it’s also a good idea to look closely at your existing functional setup. Does it all need to go, or can some of it be re-used? In this renovation, we partnered up with designer Jamie Naugle to reimagine the master and guest bathroom for the homeowners.

Master Bathroom

In this master bath renovation, we said goodbye to many existing items in the bathroom. The current shower had a curved wall and pony wall that separated it from the tub. Those were demoed out along with the tub deck and tile for both the tub and shower. The existing cabinetry and flooring were kept and incorporated into the renovation after they were stained. On top of those, Caesarstone quartz countertops were installed. All the walls and trim were painted to an eggshell color to balance out the cabinetry.

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Since we demoed out the wall between the tub and shower, designer Jamie Naugle made a bold statement and enclosed both amenities behind a grand metal shower door. A shower bench completely made of marble was also added in.

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For the vanity lighting, pendant lights were hung over both vanities. The chandelier above the old tub was taken down and replaced with waterproof LED canned lights.

Flagler Canva 3.png

Guest Bathroom

For the guest bathroom, the wall and shower floor tile were demoed out. The existing plumbing, cabinetry, and shower door were removed during the demo phase and later were reused in the reno. The only thing that was kept was the beautiful shower bench. The Skelly Team tiled the three shower walls with a ceramic tiling in a matte snow color paired with a light grout color. The shower floor tiling consisted of porcelain tiles with a rustic finish. To finish out the room, new hardware was installed into the existing cabinetry as well as new chrome lights above the vanity.

What kind of space are you getting ready in every morning? Are you ready to get started on a functional, intentional, bathroom reno of your own?

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