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Renovating a small bathroom space can be a real challenge especially when you feel claustrophobic every time you have to get ready. But there is still hope! Your small bathroom can be designed to look and function just as well as the rest of your home. Below are a few tips and tricks to help enhance the size of your bathroom:

Glass Showers

    • No matter how small your bathroom is, the one thing you don’t want to shrink is the size of your tub or shower space. Clear glass shower doors make the room appear larger! To accentuate the room, even more, choose a frameless shower door over a framed one. Additionally, go for a curbless frame! The seamless look from top to bottom adds cohesion and openness. For more info on curbed vs curbless shower frames, click the button to see an earlier blog below!

This glass shower door shows off the stunning tile patterns as well as makes the bathroom appear larger than it is by keeping the shower visually open.

This glass shower door shows off the stunning tile patterns as well as makes the bathroom appear larger than it is by keeping the shower visually open.

Tiled flooring

    • The size of the tiles that you use in your shower can affect how large – or small – it looks! Use oversized tiles in the shower, especially on the floor (the fewer the grout lines, the more cohesive the space looks)

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    • No bathroom is complete without a mirror! Installing mirrors will help reflect all the light in the room The bigger your mirror, the more spacious your bathroom appears. Hang a frameless rectangular mirror for maximum coverage or choose a large circular option for a stylishly modern look. This room-enlarging trick doesn’t actually give you more space, but the perception of a big, beautiful bathroom is just as important.


  • Adding storage to a tiny bathroom is one of the best ways to hide clutter. It also creates a visually larger, more expansive bathroom. Choose a small piece of furniture that can be made into a vanity and used as storage. Be careful, however! An awkward piece of furniture or an accessory that sticks out into the room can stop your eye from looking past it and make your room feel small so be wary of what you choose! If you feel like you don’t need maximum storage, another alternative would be installing an exposed sink and adding wall storages such as hooks, niches and shelves!

david street vanity .jpg

Pony Wall

  • Pony walls are an effective way to divide areas of a large room without losing the open feeling. Depending on your needs, if the pony wall is installed by a vanity, you can make use of the extra wall space by installing a towel rack. If the pony wall happens to be by a toilet, you can install a grab bar or toilet paper holder. If you crave a glass shower but want to cut back on costs, installing a pony wall with the glass shower part on top will save you a pretty penny and still give you a feel for the design!

pony wall navasota.jpg

Tubs – bonus!

  • For an extra added bonus, we wanted to include the option of a smaller tub. The best small tub will makes you feel as if you are bathing in a normal tub. Even though it’s small, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a tighter, more confined experience.  In our Lewis Mountain renovation, designer Maureen Steven added a Japanese soaking tub. Because the new soaking tub took up less space than the original, we were able to expand the shower area!

soaking tub lewis mountain.jpg

No matter the size of your bathroom, the designers we work with and our construction team at Skelly can help you maximize your bathroom’s space, beauty, and functionality!