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Every once in a while, old man winter rears his ugly head in Austin, Texas.  Many native Texans and sunbelt lovers rarely put any thought into protecting their home in the freezing temperatures.  However, implementing a few steps of preparation can shield your pipes from explosion and save your home from major catastrophical water damage.

Make sure to: 
1. Insulate hose bibs (purchase soon because when cold weather hits, the materials tend to sell out quickly!)
2. Drip cold & warm water lines
3. Know where your water shut off valve is in case of emergency. If a leak occurs, immediately shut off the water and call an emergency restoration service if you are in need of help with flood clean up (such as AllNation Restoration)
4. Second homes: Drain your pipes if possible
5. Drain tankless water heaters: If you have a tankless water heater on the exterior of your house, drain it if possible. This is only necessary if the power goes out (otherwise the tankless heater is typically designed with a preventative interior heater). Need more info on how to drain your tankless water heater?  Click here for an instructive video.

Take a quick look at some additional information below from our friends at the Austin Water Department and see if your home is Winter Freeze Ready!

By the way, has your home been fireproofed as well?  Check out a few more safety tips from the City of Austin to prevent any fire or gas accidents in the winter months.

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