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Perfection is in the small details! The same can be said for choosing the drain that best suits your bathroom. Here at Skelly Home, we have experience installing all different types of drains that help tie in your bathroom’s aesthetic.

1. A linear drain is the latest hit in bathroom design! These types of drains are seen in more modernized homes and newly renovated bathrooms. It is mainly used in showers because they are able to be hidden into the shower floor tiling. As the name suggests, it is a long and narrow drain that is commonly found on the edge of shower floors. The placement of these drains means the entire shower floor slopes gently and evenly toward the drain. No funneling compared to a point drain. Linear drains come in many different lengths that can be adjusted to your shower floor. Many brands come with a “tile-in” option, where a tile section call be installed into the drain. By doing this, there will be no visual interruptions between the floor and the drain, giving you a sleeker and more streamlined look.

2. The most common drain type is a point drain, these are typically seen in tubs and older bathrooms. Point drains are generally located in the middle or edge of the floor. What the shower floor is really a gently sloped funnel that directs all of the water into this drain. Point drains come in different sizes and finishes, meaning you can incorporate it as an accent piece to your bathroom decor!

PRO TIP: We recommend using a square drain as opposed to a circular one to make picking a tile (if you choose to tile your shower floor) easier since tile is also usually square shape. 

Thinking through all the details of a custom bathroom renovation BEFORE you start will help ensure your dream renovation project when you are finished!

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