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This residential home underwent a major transformation evolving to a more open concept and functional living space. This floor plan now allows for a more connected and spacious environment and ties together the rest of the house while keeping the kitchen and living area the heart of the home. This concept and design was achieved by Erin Doak and the talented Hello Kitchen team.

Jollyville Home-SHN.pngThe wall separating the kitchen and living room was demoed, leaving a more open & intertwined space between the two rooms. The kitchen received all new flat paneled cabinets painted in a white high gloss lacquer finish. A flat paneled cabinet achieves a minimalistic appearance & ties in well to a modern or contemporary space. The flat paneled cabinets showcase the chrome hardware and are easy to clean. A high gloss finish became popular in the 1970s and is still seen today in chic contemporary kitchens, most commonly paired with a flat panel as seen in this project. High gloss is perfect for adding a nice shine to any space due to its light reflecting properties. Paired nicely with these cabinets is a toledo grey quartz countertop & white chevron glossy mosaic tile backsplash.Jollyville Home-SHN2.pngIn the kitchen, the island was extended to make the space feel more grand & was given a fresh coat of Wool Peacoat by Benjamin Moore. This warm grey on the island softens the space and makes it feel warm and inviting. An ocean Calacatta quartz was draped on top of the island flowing off the side into a waterfall edge. A waterfall countertop drops vertically down the side of the island to create a continued flow and fluidity to the design. The dining areas received a custom buffet cabinet, floating shelves & banquette storage benches. These features allow plenty of storage space while maintaining a minimal first impression.Jollyville Home-SHN3.pngThe best part of this kitchen is the storage that it affords! When designing custom cabinetry, it’s important to consider needs of the chef and what storage solutions would be both functional and beautiful in the home.sophieeptonphotographyskellyhomeosborneshoot-45.jpgsophieeptonphotographyskellyhomeosborneshoot-46.jpgsophieeptonphotographyskellyhomeosborneshoot-51.jpgsophieeptonphotographyskellyhomeosborneshoot-52.jpgsophieeptonphotographyskellyhomeosborneshoot-56.jpgsophieeptonphotographyskellyhomeosborneshoot-57.jpgsophieeptonphotographyskellyhomeosborneshoot-58.jpgsophieeptonphotographyskellyhomeosborneshoot-63.jpgAlongside the kitchen is the open living space that started with a fireplace makeover. The fireplace took a turn from traditional to contemporary. It was transformed with gray quartz tile on all three sides from top to bottom, allowing the eye to travel upward. This resulted in a larger appearing fireplace and taller ceilings. A wood mantle was paired and painted with Wool Peacoat as seen on the kitchen island.Jollyville Home-SHN4.pngAll the floors, surrounding doors, trim and baseboards were replaced in the living space. A vinyl floor is great for this space because it is a durable material and serves well in high traffic walking areas. The back layer of this type of flooring contains a layer of cork, which reduces noise and increases under foot comfortability. After this reno, this Jollyville home is a more contemporary, functional, beautiful space to live in for many years to come!

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