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Who doesn’t want a sleek and consistent kitchen design! This is achievable with custom paneling over your appliances throughout the kitchen. A panel-ready appliance allows a custom cover to be installed on the face or the front of the appliance that matches the rest of your cabinetry. Custom paneling is often used on refrigerators and dishwashers and creates a consistent, streamlined look across your whole kitchen. Finally, another option is to add custom garage cabinets. This is a unique way to keep counter space free and hide those bulky appliances.

Appliance Panels

Here you will see the panels are applied over the refrigerator, matching the custom cabinetry throughout the kitchen. This is a timeless, seamless look for any kitchen. These panels are usually found on side-by-side or french door refrigerators, as well as dishwashers, ice makers, and some ovens

Garage Cabinets
A garage cabinet is the perfect way to store and hide bulky appliances. Below is a blender, mixer and microwave all stored within one garage cabinet. These can be custom made to fit your kitchen and appliances. For maximum efficiency you can add outlets within the cabinets and slide outs for underneath the appliances for easy usage.

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