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Skelly Build offers what we’ve termed a 2-step estimating process.

If you do not already have a plan set, estimate 1 is a ROUGH construction budget + materials allowances. To provide our clients with Estimate 1 we require a site visit if we both feel we are a good fit after our initial introductory call. Estimate 1 is based upon the existing home; we frequently do not have a plan set to work from with the first estimate.


This first estimate is a valuable part of the process for homeowners. The purpose is to confirm the alignment of your construction budget and scope of work. Please keep in mind this initial estimate (if there is not a plan set) is a rough estimate; it is not final or fixed. The budget is based upon square footage, details we ask you during the initial walk-through, and dollar averages over our last 50 jobs. Expect this rough estimate (if the scope stays the same) to increase or decrease by 10-15% once the plan set is final.

Following Estimate 1, if you have not already hired an architect or designer, this is the time. We can connect you with many of our trusted partners if you don’t know where to begin. It is a normal part of the process to look for guidance, especially if you have never done this before!

Screen+Shot+2021-02-03+at+1.14.51+PM.jpg Once the plan set is complete we re-estimate again. Please keep in mind it is typical that during the design or architecture process areas have been added to the scope. This will increase overall construction costs.

Regarding materials, we frequently include a materials allowance into Estimate 2 as they regularly are not FULLY selected. Plumbing, appliances, doors, windows, and framing are the first materials we order so selecting these prior to the job starting is critical to avoid delays.

Our estimates are itemized, so removing specific rooms or locations is relatively simple.

Keep in mind there are frequently more than 2 estimates that are provided to homeowners prior to starting construction. After 2 estimates we request a consulting fee of $5,000 that is applied to construction costs.