The Story Behind the Reno

Designer: Etch Design Group – Photography: Sophie Epton Photography

Depending on your kitchen layout, island sinks can save you space and functionality. One of the main reasons for the main sink in the island is how much time you spend at the sink. If you tend to socialize more in the kitchen while doing tasks, island sinks may be for you! Since this was a family home reno project, a ton of interaction will take place in this area! We made sure to create an inviting space along with Etch Design Group.

The Kitchen

The kitchen was fully gutted. This included all cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash. The main focus in this kitchen part of the reno was moving the sink location from the wall to the newly installed island.

The new layout included new cabinets painted a beautiful shade of timeless white, on top of those polished Statuario quartz countertops with light veining were installed. These new custom cabinets were customized to the homeowners’ specifications for her kitchenware items.

The Laundry

In the laundry room, all of the current cabinetry and floor tile were demoed out and replaced with new custom-built ones with a drop zone and uppers. The new cabinetry was painted to a timeless white semi-gloss color. New white oak countertops with a 2-inch thickness were laid on top of that. The team at Etch along with the owner chose a wooden oak top because of its natural finish and cost-efficiency.