The Story Behind the Build

Photography: Sophie Epton Photography

We bought this office space with the hopes of renovating it into a beautiful yet functional home for our business and for our staff. First, we needed to take into account all of our various needs for storage and workspace, and then it was time to create a design plan for our blank office shell. Once the plan was made, it was time for our amazing team at Skelly Build to begin the construction! We added a platform to differentiate the spaces (utilizing the green Cle Tile), floating desks, a wall to separate the door from our desks, a birch wall, as well as custom pink two-toned cabinets. We also added various wood paneling throughout the office to create a functional workspace and add some architectural interest. The angled wood ceilings break up the monotony of the square room and the wood paneling adds a nice warmth to the office, which we love! In our lounge area, we used a faux white brick wall panel. In the entrance, you can see our vibrant neon-pink Skelly sign, as well as a beautiful wood design on top of the wallpaper. Getting to see our vision for this space become a reality was such a special moment for us and a great reminder of what we do here at Skelly Build—making owners’ dreams for their spaces come true!