The Story Behind the Build

Designer: CBi Studio – Photographer: Sophie Epton Photography

The homeowners’ main goal was to modernize their outdated bathrooms, transforming them into trendy, open concept spaces with a fresh, organic look. All materials were entirely new, with cast iron plumbing replaced by PVC and new electrical fixtures and outlets added. The addition of a skylight in the master bathroom brought abundant natural light, contributing to the inviting ambiance. Unique features included stained shelves integrated into the vanity for towel storage, a peekaboo window in the shower for added light, and an open-style shower without glass doors. Throughout the renovation, the homeowners prioritized letting the materials speak for themselves, embracing the warmth of handmade terracotta tiles with their natural imperfections. The secondary bathroom received a complete overhaul, with custom shower niches and a captivating fire clay tile floor, creatively laid out by the homeowners themselves.