The Story Behind the Build

Designer: Courtney Blanton Interiors – Photography: Sophie Epton Photography

  Having level floors is essential for a safe and solid home. It prevents gaps and structural issues, ensuring a sturdy foundation for your flooring. We take this responsibility seriously to provide homeowners with long-lasting results. Teaming up with Courtney Blanton, we embarked on a full floor and home makeover to create a beautiful space for families to enjoy.

  Repurposing existing materials was a key part of this renovation. We salvaged countertops and cabinetry, finding new uses for them in the laundry room and playroom.

  In the kitchen, custom-built cabinets, new countertops, and a stylish backsplash transformed the space. The master bathroom received a complete update with new tiling, plumbing, and beautiful countertops. We even converted the garage to expand the kitchen and add a playroom.

  Throughout the renovation, our focus was on quality and repurposing materials to create a family-friendly home that is both functional and beautiful.