The Story Behind the Reno

Designer: Courtney Blanton Interiors – Photography: Sophie Epton

In this condo renovation, we teamed up with Courtney Blanton, of CBi Studios, to transform a cookie-cutter condo into a dream home! Condo owners are often under many more rules when it comes to remodeling a unit than single-family homeowners! This client is a chef and an avid baker. Her goal for this renovation was a larger, more functional kitchen and a larger living space. This homeowner loves the industrial look, so she was naturally drawn to the exposed concrete flooring. After removing the existing flooring, we sanded down and repoured some areas of concrete, but left it essentially as-is.

The entire kitchen was gutted out, only keeping the Wolf appliances. The guest bedroom door was relocated further down the wall to accommodate a larger kitchen. New custom-built cabinetry was installed on three of the walls and a new peninsula. This kitchen does not have a lot of square footage and does not have room for an island, so Courtney Blanton got creative and decided to go with a peninsula instead of a kitchen island. The water line for the fridge was relocated to better accommodate the space.

We installed hanging shelves that could hold hundreds of pounds of weight! For the backsplash, white subway tile was laid on three walls all the way to the ceiling. The ceiling-high backsplash helped enhance the feel of the room and make it appear larger. For the countertops, beautiful marble countertops were installed. Lastly, our welders fabricated an awesome custom 12 ft tall iron bookshelf, to house our homeowners overflowing collection of cookbooks!

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, the wall shared between the living area and the bedroom was relocated. The wall was pushed into the expansive master bedroom, to give more space to the living area. Framing was done for a new pocket door and blocking was added for the window blinds.

Master bathroom: 

We reutilized the existing cabinets but installed new countertops and backsplash. New light fixtures and can lights helped give the bathroom a bright new ambiance. Although the homeowner planned to keep the existing shower, a water leak was discovered, resulting in a layer of mold and mildew under the tile. We demoed the compromised shower, re-tiled the shower using large scale Terrazzo tiles, and reused the existing plumbing fixtures and glass.

Guest Bathroom

The shower glass and floor tiles were demoed out. A new shower pan and niche were tiled in with a white ceramic tile. For the floor tiling, handcrafted Terrazzo tiles were installed. In regards to the plumbing, the vanity plumbing was relocated and a new toilet was installed. After ripping out the existing cabinetry, new custom cabinets were painted yellow and installed. Finally, brand new countertops were added on top of the cabinetry.