The Story Behind the Reno

Designer: Etch Design Group – Photographer: Sophie Epton Photography

It’s no secret that any construction work in a home is messy and disruptive. There’s a lot that goes into a whole-house renovation. Major renovations tend to involve the overhaul of the entire home, inside and out, but the scope varies from project to project. For this complete home renovation, we tackled this project with Etch Design Group for a two-phase renovation, starting with the downstairs and then moving on to upstairs. Working from the bottom up, we renovated the majority of the home, completely reworked the entire flooring and repainted the entire interior.

The kitchen was completely gutted, excluding the appliances which would later be reused. During the kitchen demo, partial walls were demoed to accommodate the new pantry location. All the current plumbing was replaced with new relocated pipes for the new island. Above the island, three pendant lights were installed. The overall lighting for the kitchen improved with the installment of six LED recessed lights on dimmer switches.

All of the existing entryways were arched, so Etch decided to square them off, resulting in drywall and patchwork, but ultimately creating a much more modern look. New custom-built, shaker style cabinets were installed and painted with Alabaster White from Sherwin Williams. On top of the cabinetry, Statuario Venato Countertops from Maestro Quartz were installed with a 1’ overhang, this was also used on the island. Etch Design Group opted to go for a different color on the island and selected Foggy Day, a gray/blue tone.

Per Etch’s design, new cabinets were installed in the living room and a new mantle was introduced over the fireplace. The fireplace was given a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, wiring was done for better and equal lighting.