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Just north of downtown and the University of Texas campus, the quaint Hyde Park neighborhood is packed with historic charm and several walkable sites. In a neighborhood this iconic (over 100 yrs old!), it is not surprising that many homes are in need of renovating for more modern functionality. 

Phase I of this Hyde Park Haven renovation included a complete demo, expansion and remodeling of the upstairs bathroom, including electrical, plumbing, ventilation, insulation, and weatherproofing upgrades.  One of the prettiest materials used in this bathroom renovation is Rose Gold Calacatta Vagli marble, which is a beautiful multi-colored marble material that adds interest and artistry to this otherwise neutral bathroom. To see five different ways designer Emily Brown of Emily Lauren Interiors implemented this special slab of marble into the renovation of the upstairs bathroom, check out this feature article from Domino written about Hyde Park Haven here: A Single Slab of Marble is Used 5 Different Ways in this Teen Bathroom.  Let’s just say that, if this was our teenage bathroom, we sure wouldn’t be complaining! 🙂



In addition to the upstairs bathroom, a flex room we constructed new drywall and shelving in a flex room, adding new paint, lighting and cabinetry. This space is now a beautiful new multifunctional flex room that can be used for anything from studying to hosting guests and more! 

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