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A current trend in home bathroom renovations is the installation of a curbless shower.  But just what exactly is a curbless shower?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a curbless shower for your bathroom reno?

A curbless shower is very simply a shower that has no barriers for entry or exit.  Curbless showers are a bit tricky to install because the slope of the drainage floor needs to be slightly lower than the level of the floor surrounding the shower in order for all the water to drain and flow to the right place.  Let’s look at some other advantages and disadvantages of curbless showers…


  1. Everyone can get in them. The elderly, small children and everyone in between can get in and out of a curbless shower with ease.  Simply put, there are no barriers for entry, so curbless showers are functional for any age or range of mobility.
  2. Easier to clean-Just as it’s easier to get into curbless showers to shower, it also needs to be mentioned that curbless showers are much easier to clean for the same reason—ease of accessibility.
  3. Curbless showers display a beautiful tile pattern more clearly.  Because curbless showers don’t have to have a door or be fully enclosed, it is much easier to feature a beautiful tile pattern in the wet area of the shower.  In fact, a door can be removed altogether in some curbless showers.


  1. Not as much privacy.   Curbless showers are not for the very modest, as the open concept does increase visibility and reduce privacy.
  2. Curbless showers do not have a curb!  Therefore, it is easier for water to get out and onto the rest of the floor, especially if there is a problem with the drainage.
  3. Again, since the shower is a more open concept, there are more places for heat to escape.  If you tend to be cold in the shower, a curbless shower might not be the best option for you!

Below is an example of a curbless shower vs a non-curbless shower we have recently installed.  Which is your favorite?  Please comment and let us know!