The Story Behind the Build

Architect: Clayton Korte  Photographer: Armadillo Photography

Skelly Build takes pride in its recent commercial project at Zoe Tong, a restaurant purchased by new owners eager to impart their unique touch to the space. Time efficiency was crucial in the fast-paced restaurant industry, prompting a swift execution of design plans by Clayton Korte.

The project began with demolition, addressing drainage issues through roof re-sloping and re-patching. Comprehensive changes included uniform drywall texturing, installation of six new sinks & faucets, and upgrading materials like HVAC units, ceiling tiles, window glass, and service doors. A fresh coat of paint transformed the restaurant’s appearance. Balancing functionality and aesthetics, the challenge lay in designing and installing the curved service bar. Overcoming spatial hurdles, the Skelly team executed the plan flawlessly. Custom shelving/cabinetry, Airy Concrete Caesarstone countertops, and metal shelving units were fabricated and installed, enhancing both form and function. Urethane Cement floors modernized the bar and kitchen areas, extending into the bathrooms, which underwent upgrades in paint, countertops, sinks, and wainscoting. The exterior received a fresh primer, paint, landscaping, and materials, enhancing the outdoor experience at Zoe Tong.